iPhone Users Can Stop Apps From Tracking Them By Using This Important Feature

Last Updated: January 03, 2024, 08:00 IST

iPhone users get more tracking protection with this feature

Apple’s improved privacy of iPhone users started a few years back and blocking apps from tracking is a big part of iPhone security.

iPhone users boast about Apple’s privacy steps which includes the option to stop apps and websites from tracking them on the internet and what they actually do on the shopping sites. People might not know this but Apple has a nifty feature that once enabled will help you avoid all the apps from tracking. In fact, you can decide which apps can track you and which apps you want to block from tracking. The feature called App Tracking Transparency (quite original) does most of the work to keep iPhone users’ privacy in check and block apps from tracking them, as the name suggests.

When you keep this feature enabled, apps will then seek access permission from the users, who have the control on the apps tracking their device, which is how it should be.

iPhone App Tracking Feature: How It Works

App Tracking Transparency is the tool which allows iPhone users to dictate how they can or cannot be tracked. Apple simply blocks the app’s access to unique identifiers that are the link between the app and your device.

Using this identifier, brands can create personalised ads, something that Google and Facebook have built their advertising business on over the years. Not tracking your iPhone means apps cannot push targeted ads, get access to your location data and other IDs that gets the business ticking.

The company introduced the feature at the WWDC 2020 where Apple announced the iOS 14 version in front of the world. Since then, the company has played a big part in business changes at Meta, as the platform was unable to track iPhone users for its targeting advertising process.

Apple has also been focused on keeping its devices secure by regularly updating the iOS/iPadOS and macOS versions with the latest security patch. Recently, the company was informed about a major zero-day vulnerability that was reportedly exploited for a few years before Apple was able to fix the issue and secure its users.

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