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World Saree Day: Homegrown Saree Brands You Ought To Know Before 2023 Ends

Every year December 21 is celebrated as World Saree Day.

World Saree Day: Rich textiles, urban chic prints, celebratory colour palette and fuss-free drapes to celebrate the six yards of sheer elegance.

A saree is an investment, and when it’s made in India, it’s even better. Homegrown and budget-friendly saree brands are rare. You may have the right fabric and colour but the price wasn’t what you were hoping it would be. A lot of times, walking in a saree can be a hassle, or at times, the prints or embroidery don’t resonate with your style quotient.

If you are someone who loves to drape a saree or indulge in pre-draped or stitched sarees, on the occasion of World Saree Day (December 21), here are a few budget-friendly and homegrown saree brands to help you find the drape of your dreams.

Five Point Five

Each piece is personally handpicked for those who love to drape and scream ‘pleats, please’.

Experience the magic of the sari and India’s rich textile heritage through Five Point Five’s journey. The brand’s vision is to bring India’s magnificent textile heritage under one roof and celebrate it through an array of sarees in cotton, linen, tussar silk, and chanderi among others. Five Point Five, spearheaded by Radhika Jain and Nitin Singla, has high regard for its weavers and artisans and celebrates their work in every saree. Another highlight of this homegrown brand is the concept of ‘Sari on Wheels’, where the founders handpick sarees for you and are sent directly to your home. The handpicked, curated trunk of saris features a collection of exclusive handwoven pieces created by skilled weavers.

Dot By Jui

The hand-drawn artworks are digitally printed on the fabric, which makes it a one-of-a kind saree.

A saree can be arty too. A Dot by Jui, is an upcoming lifestyle brand that celebrates the Indian saree in its own unique way. Breathable fabrics such as muslin cotton and linen cotton make the sarees low-maintenance and a must-have. The quirky illustrations are brought to life in vibrant hues. Drape them in a traditional way or in any style you like; each saree is a showstopper. Every design created on the saree is an original artwork by artist Jui Aruna Anvar. If you have to describe A Dot by Jui, it is where art and comfort merge with fashion.


Contemporary and tradition are weaved together to create a plethora of unique vibrant sarees.

Suta centres on creating sarees that are a blend of tradition and contemporary styles. Offering novelty with each saree they create, the brand has become a phenomenon in budget-friendly sarees. Suta, founded by Sujata and Taniya, celebrates raw threads, traditional boldness and uninterrupted simplicity while creating designs that will surely resonate with you. With a variety of sarees in cotton acrylic, silk, organza silk, linen, and modal mul to name a few, the brand also offers pre-stitched sarees. For every occasion, there’s a wide range of colours to suit your mood and the occasion.


The collection of sarees titled Herbarium celebrates the season of joy and happiness.

Rouka works with local artisans to embrace mindful practises while reinventing traditional weaving techniques for the contemporary times of today. A perfect blend of modern old and nostalgic new, as the brand mentions on their website, Rouka, founded by Sreejith Jeevan, is all about clothing that bridges the weaver and the wearer. With bold applique embroidered on handwoven cotton and silk sarees, each collection narrates a beautiful tale of Kerala. Rouka is also one of the few brands in India that has reimagined the Kerala kasavu saree in a contemporary style to uplift the weave and the craftspersons.

One Minute Saree

One Minute Saree is a must-have for your traditional wardrobe; it is transforming a feminine Indian staple for today’s jet-setting women.

Isn’t it every woman’s dream to be able to drape a saree within one minute? One Minute Saree, founded by Sasha Revankar is a must-have for your traditional as well as contemporary wardrobe. While it retains the beautiful aspects of the saree, including the flow and drape, it eliminates the hassle of pleating, adding pins and the underskirt. The pre-pleated sarees are practical, particularly for people who do not wear sarees regularly. You can pick from a range of colours and fabrics, including silk, cotton, net and satin.

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