Wife Picks Husband Up From Work With An Extra Passenger Inside

A surprise gift can make anyone’s day more special. Giving is always more rewarding than receiving, especially when the recipient needs a ‘happy-boost.’ Dogs are known to increase the feel-good hormones in our bodies. And that is why this story is sure to make you smile from head to toe. In this heartwarming TikTok video, a wonderful wife and mother gave into her husband and daughter’s pleading hearts. The woman’s husband, Alex, was waiting to be picked up by his loving wife after a long day.


She pulls the car into a parking spot and he walks up to it. The woman rolls down her window as he approaches and asks, “So I think I already know the answer, but do you want to drive or do you want to hold Atlas?” He comes closer and sees his dream puppy sitting in the passenger seat. And gasps, “Are you (expletive) serious right now?”


Alex opens the car door, throws his sodas on the ground, and scoops up the German Shepherd puppy. The puppy nuzzles his little face into his new dad and the pair instantly connect. Of course, he’d rather hold Atlas! Next, it’s time to surprise their daughter Khloe at school with her new best friend. Khloe’s reaction to meeting Atlas is too precious! She can’t believe her eyes, and as we all know, dogs love kids. Atlas is pretty smitten himself!


Scroll down to watch the TikTok video. It will surely make your day! To keep up with Atlas and his family, you can follow @suttonslittlezoo on TikTok by clicking here.

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@suttonslittlezoo Considering both Alex and Khloe cried I would say this was a successful surprise! Welcome home Atlas! #birthdaysurprise #gsd #FYP #germanshepherdpuppy #gspsoftiktok #puppytiktok ♬ original sound – Our Little Zoo

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