WhatsApp To Soon Let You Post Status Updates From ‘Companion Devices’: What It Means

WhatsApp could soon make linked devices equally capable.

WhatsApp users who have linked a companion device to their main account will now be able to post status updates using their secondary devices. Here’s what we know.

WhatsApp is a constantly evolving chat app, and Meta ensures that it keeps the experience fresh with functional as well as quality-of-life improvements for the app’s users. Now, this time, WhatsApp is said to be rolling out the ability to share status updates using companion devices to beta testers, as reported by WABetaInfo.

For those uninitiated, WhatsApp companion devices are the secondary devices you link to your account, allowing you access to the same account on multiple mobile devices simultaneously without needing an active internet connection on the main device.

But, as good as this feature is, a companion device lacks multiple abilities that the main device can accomplish, and one of such abilities is being able to post status updates. That’s right; you couldn’t have posted statuses using a companion device until now—when WhatsApp started the rollout of Android beta version update.

This means you can now finally post GIFs, images, and videos—all as status updates—right on your secondary companion device. This ensures that you consistently get the same WhatsApp experience on all devices, irrespective of whether it’s the main device or a companion.

That said, this update is currently only available for some beta testers of the app running version, which can be accessed from the Google Play Store. As for the public release, there is currently no word on when we can expect it. But considering it has now made it to the beta, the official public rollout of the same shouldn’t be too far off.

In other WhatsApp news, the app recently introduced the ability for users to pin their chats, not just their contacts, but to the main feed. WhatsApp users have long been able to pin contacts to the top of their main feed, but the Meta-owned app is now giving them the ability to pin chats in one-on-one and group conversations.

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