WhatsApp Chats Secured: How To Create Secret Code For Locked Chats

Last Updated: January 28, 2024, 11:00 IST

WhatsApp secret code further secures your chats

WhatsApp recently introduced secret codes to further secure your chats and we help you understand how the feature works.

Secure your super personal WhatsApp chats with Meta’s newly introduced Secret Code feature that is available for both Android and iPhone users. While WhatsApp already allowed users to lock their private chats with a fingerprint, there was a potential risk.

The fingerprint lock relied on the same fingerprint authentication used to unlock the phone itself. This meant that if someone managed to register their fingerprint on the device, they could potentially gain access to the user’s private WhatsApp chats. Recognising this gap, WhatsApp introduced a secret code feature last month for an additional layer of security.

This feature keeps your chats safe and makes them more difficult to find, especially if someone else has access to your phone or you share it with others.

The secret code feature allows you to set a special password, separate from your phone unlock code, to add an extra layer of privacy to your locked chats. You can choose to activate ‘Hide locked chats’ in the chat lock settings which will make them disappear from your chat list. To access them again, simply enter the secret code you’ve set into the search bar. If you prefer to keep them visible in your chat list, that’s an option too. Also, locking a new chat is now simpler, just long-press instead of going to the chat’s settings.

This secret code will also work as an alternative to unlock Locked Chats if you can’t use fingerprint or face unlock. Let’s see how you can quickly lock chats and set up a secret code to access them.

How To Lock WhatsApp Chats

1. Open the app and press and hold the chat you want to lock.

2. Tap the three dots at the top right, and choose ‘Lock chat’.

3. Click ‘Continue’ and use your fingerprint or face unlock to authenticate.

Your chats are now locked. To open them, swipe up on the Chats tab and select Locked Chats.

How To Create Secret Code for Locked Chats

1. Go to the ‘Locked Chats’ window.

2. Click on the ‘Secret Code’ option, and WhatsApp will guide you to create a code. The code can be an emoji or a word with at least four characters.

3. Enter your secret code, click on OK, and you’re done.

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