Want To Scan Documents Using Your iPhone? Here’s How To Do It In Seconds

Apple gives you multiple ways to scan documents on iPhone.

You can easily scan and send documents using your iPhone or iPad using the default Files app. Read on to find out how!

No matter whether you are a student or an office-going employee, there are times in your daily routine when you need to scan documents. Think passport, important files, or even sending a copy of your driving licence—the instances are endless. However, most iPhone users simply click a picture of the document and send it as is. But what if there was a built-in tool in iOS and iPadOS that lets you do the same more effectively, and in a proper manner?

Yes, you can easily scan and send documents using your iPhone or iPad, and the process is quite straightforward. Plus, it even has a level of automation built-in.

Follow these steps to scan large documents in no time at all:

– Firstly, on your iPhone or iPad, head to the Files app.

– Next, tap on the three-dotted menu in the top-right corner.

– Once you tap on it, you will see an option to Scan Documents denoted by a scanner icon; open it.

– Here, you have two ways to go about it: you can allow the feature to scan in auto-shutter mode, or you can toggle the Manual mode.

– You can choose either of the two to scan a document. If you are in a hurry or are scanning a large document, the Auto setting works quite well in our experience.

– Apart from being able to choose how you scan it, Apple also gives you the option to scan it in full color, greyscale, black and white, or just a simple photo. Plus, you can also enable the flash if there’s not enough light.

– Once you are done scanning, you can save the document as a PDF in your Files app and then share it right away!

That said, there are other ways to scan a document. You can also use the Apple Notes app for the same purpose. This way, if you frequently use the Notes app, you can directly add a scanned document to the note you are taking.

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