Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Delayed or Rescheduled for Some Days Due to Unintended Acceleration Issue: Reports

Austin, April 16: Tesla Cybertruck deliveries reportedly were paused due to an issues related to the unintentional acceleration problem. Cybertruck deliveries have started since November 30, 2023, in the United States after its official launch on the same day. Customers have a shared their reviews of Tesla Cybertruck along with issues like rust, accelerator pedal becoming lose and similar other. According to a report, Tesla’s EV pickup truck delivery has been delayed and rescheduled. 

The Verge reported that the Cybertruck Owners Club commentators were left in a state of uncertainty as they reportedly received calls and texts from Elon Musk’s EV company about the deliveries getting rescheduled. The report highlighted some incidents about the Cybertruck owners and shared the information about the delay reason. It said that the Tesla dealer told one user that the EV pickup truck was recalled due to issues related to the accelerator pedal. Tesla Deal With Tata: Elon Musk’s EV Company Signs Deal With Tata Electronics To Procure Semiconductors for Its Global Operations, Say Reports.

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Issues Reported by User on X:

According to The Verge, another group of users claimed that Tesla had sent and confirmed via text that it had not scheduled deliveries for the exact reason. It also highlighted that the other users received a text about the “preparation of your vehicle”. The report said the Tesla Cybertruck deliveries had been on hold for seven days without any confirmation. According to another report by Quartz, Tesla Cybertruck had a severe problem with the acceleration pedal, which caused the company to delay deliveries. It said that the issue of unintended acceleration was brought up by social media forums such as X and TikTok. Starlink Approval: Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet Service Receives Government Approval in India; Check Details.

The report highlighted a serious safety issue which was detailed by a TikTok user called “el.chepito1985”. It mentioned that the accelerator pedal was not attached well, causing it to get wedged between the EV truck’s accelerator pedal and bulkhead. This arrangement reportedly caused the Cybertruck to accelerate at full speed. To override the issue, the report suggested that the Tesla Cybertruck owners had to hold the brake down. However, the moment the driver lets the brake off, the Tesla EV truck would rush forward. The report mentioned that this accelerating problem with Tesla Cybertruck, considering its massive weight, could pose real safety concerns.

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