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Taking in the New Year? Here Are Some OTT Watches For All the Moods

“The Railway Men” on Netflix is set in the direct aftermath of the Bhopal gas tragedy

Grab your favorite snacks, snuggle up in your coziest blanket, and let’s explore these must-watch shows for your New Year’s entertainment

Hey there! As we step into the New Year, it’s the perfect time to cozy up and dive into the diverse world of OTT platforms. Whether you’re looking to laugh, cry, feel inspired, or just escape into different stories, there’s no shortage of shows to match every mood. And hey, let’s be real – what’s better than finding that perfect show to binge-watch as we embrace the chilly winter evenings or lazy afternoons?

From the nostalgia-inducing trips of school days to heart-warming romances, and from intense dramas that grip your soul to inspirational stories that lift your spirits, I’ve got you covered with a selection that’s as varied as our New Year’s resolutions. And guess what? So, grab your favorite snacks, snuggle up in your coziest blanket, and let’s explore these must-watch shows for your New Year’s entertainment!

School Friends – Amazon miniTV

Relive the magic of school days with “School Friends” on Amazon miniTV. This heart-warming series, created by Rusk Media, takes you on a nostalgic journey, navigating the twists and turns of life while cherishing the unbreakable bonds of friendship. Join a group of schoolmates as they share laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments. It’s a perfect show to indulge in with friends, reminiscing about the good old school days.

The Railway Men – Netflix

For a more intense watch, “The Railway Men” on Netflix is set in the direct aftermath of the Bhopal gas tragedy. This show showcases the valiant efforts of brave railway workers working selflessly to save lives. The blend of fiction and fact, along with stellar performances, makes it a compelling watch.

Ishq Next Door – Jio Cinema

Dive into the world of romance with “Ishq Next Door” on Jio Cinema. Created by Rusk Media, this Indian Hindi-language romantic drama stars Abhay Mahajan, Natasha Bharadwaj, and Mrinal Dutt. Directed by Akhilesh Vats, it beautifully portrays relationships and personal growth, taking you back to simpler times and the joy and excitement of falling in love the old-school way.

Berlin – Netflix

Fans of “Money Heist” will enjoy “Berlin,” a prequel on Netflix that delves into the life of the enigmatic character Berlin. This crime drama starring Pedro Alonso and Tristán Ulloa reveals the events and schemes that shaped him, offering a new perspective on a beloved character.

Shastry Virudh Shastry – Netflix

Engage in a heart-wrenching family drama with “Shastry Virudh Shastry” on Netflix. This legal drama involves a battle over the guardianship of a 7-year-old boy, pitting his grandparents against his parents. The cast includes Paresh Rawal, Neena Kulkarni, and Amruta Subhash.

12th Fail – ZEE5

And for a dose of inspiration, there’s “12th Fail” on ZEE5. This biographical drama charts the incredible journey of Manoj Kumar Sharma, from his academic struggles to his triumphant rise as an IPS officer. It’s a story that reminds us that it’s never too late to turn our dreams into reality.

Pret Boys – Amazon miniTV

Pret Boys is a popular Horror-Comedy web series available for streaming on Amazon miniTV. The series revolves around the adventures of the Pret Boys as they encounter supernatural elements and unravel mysteries. If you’re a fan of the Horror-Comedy genre, you cannot miss watching this series by Rusk Media on Amazon miniTV.

Whether you’re seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane with “School Friends”, a romantic adventure with “Ishq Next Door”, or various other intriguing narratives, there’s something for everyone in this list.

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