Samsung Galaxy Watch Users In India Can Finally Measure BP, Track ECG: Details Here

Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5 series now finally come with support for taking ECG and measuring BP.

These updates are being rolled out through new over-the-air updates and should be available for Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and 6 series owners.

Samsung Galaxy Watches have been the quintessential smartwatches for Android users for quite some time. However, in India, they lacked two key health-centric features: blood pressure monitoring and ECG measurement. Now, these features are finally being rolled out to Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch Series 6 series watches in India.

It is worth noting that these Galaxy Watches already included electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring and blood pressure monitoring, with dedicated hardware in the form of the photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor, which measures both diastolic and systolic pressure, as well as other sensors that detect electrical signals produced by the heart as it beats for ECG. Notably, these features were disabled due to non-clearance, but have continued to function in other supported regions.

These updates are being rolled out through new over-the-air updates and should be available to users, as Samsung has finally received regulatory clearance from India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation.

It is worth noting that the ECG feature has been a mainstay for Apple Watch Series 4 and later users, who have had access to it since its initial release. This feature can be beneficial for individuals with irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia. Additionally, this feature has the potential to save a life if your watch detects episodes of atrial fibrillation, and more.

How to Take an ECG on Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

– Firstly, you need to have a Samsung Galaxy phone for this to work.

– Once you have your phone, pair it if you haven’t already.

– Wear your watch and open the Samsung Health app on your smartwatch.

– Now follow the instructions that the app gives you for a successful reading.

– Once you take it, the report would be available on your Samsung device as well.

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