Pittie That Was Pulled From Trash Turns Into Deliciously Chubby Boy

Rescuers stop at nothing to protect animals in need. While animal cruelty is disturbing, it’s a reality that many dogs and cats face. It is our job to say something if we see something! When Sarah from the Wichita Animal Action League first met Bowie, a starved Pit Bull puppy, the poor boy instantly dropped his head and climbed into her lap. From that moment, she knew they were going to do everything they could to give this dog the absolute best life because he deserved it.


Bowie’s journey began when one of the doctors from the Animal Action League was taking out her trash. She heard something in the dumpster and, upon looking inside, found Bowie locked in a wire kennel, thrown away like trash. He was immediately taken inside, where he received 24-hour round-the-clock care for a week.

After his hospital stay, Bowie was transferred to a medical foster care home with Lee and Darcy. He spent about two months there, gaining weight and learning to trust people again. Bowie devoured his food unsure he’d ever eat again. To help slow down his eating, they had to give him slow feeders or put his food in puzzles.


Connie, Bowie’s next foster, was trying to convince her husband that they needed to foster Bowie. Although initially reluctant, Connie eventually took Bowie in, and when they pulled up in their driveway, there was a big sign on the door that said, “Welcome Bowie.” It was clear that this was where he needed to be.

Bowie’s eyes were full of emotion, and it was evident that he needed help. Connie and her husband Matt knew they had to do something for this dog. After just two days, Connie asked Matt if they could keep Bowie permanently. Matt agreed, saying he couldn’t believe it took her two days to ask.

As Bowie settled into his new home, they began taking him on short 20-yard walks. Over time, these walks became longer, eventually turning into runs around the block. Bowie’s joy for running was evident and he celebrated his newfound life and strength by running Zoomies for what seemed like hours. The more he ran, the more he enjoyed it. He became like the Energizer bunny, running like a racehorse during the day and night, regardless of the weather.


Bowie’s love for running wasn’t his only discovery. He also developed a taste for “pup cones” from Andy’s Frozen Custard. This sweet treat became a weekend tradition for the family, and Bowie couldn’t get enough of it.

The once timid and frightened Pit Bull puppy who held his head low now stands tall and proud. Bowie’s inspiring journey from being discarded in a dumpster to finding a loving forever home is miraculous. Every pup deserves a happy life! To meet Bowie and see his inspiring transformation, check out the video below (and don’t forget to share!)

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