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Paul McCartney asked George Clooney to feature last Beatles song in a movie | Music | Entertainment

Paul McCartney boasted ‘We rock’ when he first showed off the new Beatles song, George Clooney has revealed.

The 62 year old Hollywood star said McCartney sent him the song ‘Now And Then’ a year ago and asked him if he had ‘any place in a movie’ to feature it.

The actor was in awe when he first heard the song and said the music legend seemed pretty pleased with it himself.

Discussing the single on the Soundtracking with Edith Bowman podcast, Clooney said: “[McCartney] sent it to me a year ago, and said ‘I got this thing, do you have any place in a movie for it?’

“I was like ‘Oh my god’.

“I got to hear it, and I wrote him and said ‘Jesus Paul, it’s a Beatles song. It’s a 50 year old Beatle’s song’.

“And he was like ‘Yeah, we rock’. And I was like ‘Yeah you rock dude.’”

Now And Then – which was dubbed ‘the last Beatles song’ – was released in November last year, and used a demo recorded by John Lennon from the late 70s.

Clooney, who keeps in regular contact with 81 year old McCartney, said the musician ‘screwed up’ in saying the single was made with the assistance of AI.

He added: “He says it, he screwed up by saying AI did it.

“What he was saying is they were using it to take out the background music, not to re-do Lennon’s voice.

“And that’s how it got sort of screwed up.”

Clooney admitted to being a big fan of The Beatles, adding: “I had dinner a couple of nights ago with Paul and I was sitting there with him, and there will never be a band that was around for that sort of period of time, that had that many amazing songs.

“Who took us from the journey of ties, and short hair, to changing the world.

“There will never be a band like that.

“When your third best writer is George Harrison – who was one of the greatest – that’s just, there will never be anything like it.

“Particularly their songs, which are such a part of our fabric, of our lives.

“Their music changed as music changed, they were the leaders of changing the style of music.

“All of the British invasion that came to the United States, they all followed them, they were the first.”

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