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One in four property insurance claims come from storm damage

Storm damage to property was the cause of over a quarter of claims for their residential property clients in 2023.

The average cost per claim for storm damage to property for Lansdown Insurance Brokers clients last year came in at around £3,000, while 27 of 94 claims resulted from storms.

Darren Bee, associate director at Lansdown said: “The series of severe storms we have experienced so far this winter have resulted in a record number of claims for our clients. The most frequent storm damage claims we have had are for repairs to roofs, both flat and tiled and damage to outside structures including sheds and garages.

“Regular property maintenance checks can ensure homes are weather-proof and protected from the effects of high winds, heavy rain and hail or snow. Simple tasks such as making sure gutters and drains are checked and clear of leaves or debris can make a significant difference. If cold weather is on the way, it can be useful to lag external water pipes to prevent frozen burst pipes. Regular inspections of the roof to see if there are any slipped or loose tiles can help keep your house secure and watertight along with regularly servicing boiler and heating systems to ensure they are in good working order.

“These are just a few proactive steps that can prevent disasters. Regular maintenance safeguards homes and plays a crucial role in minimising the risk from adverse weather events. By taking these simple steps, property owners not only protect their investments but also contribute to the overall resilience of our communities, reducing the frequency of insurance claims and ensuring a safer, more secure living environment for everyone.”
Storm damage to property, including roof damage owing to high winds, or water ingress due to flooding, is frequently costly.

Only claims caused by burst pipes and water leaks (referred to as “escape of water”) were more frequently claimed for events in both houses and flats for Lansdown clients than storm damage in 2023.

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