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NDRF Raising Day 2024: Date, History, Facts, and Courageous Efforts in Vadodara Boat Tragedy

Curated By: Nibandh Vinod

Last Updated: January 18, 2024, 21:17 IST

NDRF personnel on the forefront of rescue and search operation after a boat overturned in a lake, in Vadodara, on Thursday, January 18, 2024. (PTI Photo)

NDRF Raising Day 2024: Every year on January 19, the nation celebrates the NDRF Raising Day, a day to honour their selfless service and acknowledge the countless lives they have saved.

NDRF RAISING DAY 2024: On the eve of NDRF Raising Day, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel exemplified their commitment and preparedness by swiftly responding to a crisis in Vadodara. When a tragic incident unfolded with a boat overturning in a lake, NDRF personnel courageously took the forefront of the rescue and search operation. Their timely and efficient intervention played a pivotal role in saving the lives of students and teachers who found themselves in distress.

The dedication and expertise demonstrated by the NDRF team underscored the significance of their role in ensuring the safety and well-being of communities during times of adversity. This commendable act not only showcased the NDRF’s capabilities but also served as a poignant reminder of the crucial role they play in disaster management and response efforts across the nation.


The story of NDRF is etched in the wake of natural calamities that ravaged India from 1990 to 2004. Witnessing the immense impact of these disasters, the nation took decisive action on December 26, 2005, with the enactment of the Disaster Management Act. This paved the way for the formation of the NDRF on January 19, 2006, a force dedicated to protecting and serving the country in times of crisis.


“Aapada Seva Sadaiv Sarvatra” – their motto echoes their unwavering commitment to sustained disaster response under all circumstances. These brave men and women stand as a symbol of hope and resilience, ready to confront any challenge nature throws their way.


Every year on January 19, the nation celebrates the NDRF Raising Day, a day to honour their selfless service and acknowledge the countless lives they have saved. We remember their courage during floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides, and even hazardous material incidents. Their unwavering dedication deserves our deepest gratitude and respect.


  1. Sixteen Battalions StrongThe NDRF comprises 16 battalions, each functioning with unwavering commitment on paramilitary lines. These battalions draw their strength from experienced personnel on deputation from various paramilitary forces across India.
  2. A Tapestry of ExpertiseImagine the combined power of the Border Security Force, Central Reserve Police Force, Central Industrial Security Force, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Sashastra Seema Bal, and Assam Rifles! Each of these forces contributes two battalions to the NDRF, forging a diverse and highly skilled unit. With a total strength of approximately 1149 personnel per battalion, the NDRF represents a formidable line of defence against disasters.
  3. Specialists at Your ServiceWithin each battalion lies an exceptional capability – 18 self-contained specialist search and rescue teams. These 45-person teams comprise the backbone of the NDRF’s rapid response, featuring technicians, engineers, dog squads, electricians, and medical/paramedics – all ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.


  1. Masters of the ElementsFrom raging floods to treacherous rope rescues and collapsed structures, NDRF personnel are trained to conquer it all. Their comprehensive training equips them to handle any disaster with exceptional skill and precision.
  2. The Go-To ForceWhen calamity strikes, the NDRF stands as the nation’s specialized task force. No matter the situation, they are at the forefront, ready to face the challenge head-on.
  3. Heroes Beyond BordersRemember the devastating Odisha floods during the COVID pandemic? NDRF personnel rose to the occasion, earning widespread appreciation for their selfless service and unwavering dedication.
  4. Global ReachTheir expertise extends beyond national borders. NDRF proudly sent 6 tons of relief materials to Fiji after a devastating cyclone, proving their commitment to global well-being.
  5. Paving the Way for EqualityIn a historic move, the NDRF inducted the first batch of 100 women disaster combatants and rescuers in 2021. These skilled professionals were immediately deployed to the banks of the Ganga River, showcasing their vital role in strengthening the force’s capabilities.

The NDRF is more than just a force; it’s a symbol of hope, resilience, and unwavering dedication. Let us celebrate their Raising Day by acknowledging their remarkable structure, expertise, and commitment to serving the nation. May their unwavering spirit continue to inspire us all.


From rescuing children trapped in borewells to mitigating chemical emergencies, the NDRF’s role is as diverse as the disasters they face. They are equipped and trained to handle any situation, their expertise a beacon of hope in the darkest moments.

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