Mini Husky ‘Watched’ Her Puppies Get Adopted As She Prayed For A Home Of Her Own

Bean, an endearing miniature Husky mix, has touched the hearts of many with her inspiring tale. Discovered by a rescue organization on the side of a road in California, Bean was pregnant at the time, raising questions about whether she had been abandoned because of her condition or had merely lost her way. Despite her uncertain beginnings, Bean’s story took a turn for the better when she was adopted into a forever home. Her new owner, Jordan, provided her with the love and stability she needed, ensuring that her story had a happy continuation.


In her adoption photo, Bean’s big, infectious smile was immediately captivating, drawing Jordan to her. Surprisingly small for a Husky mix, Bean weighed only 35 pounds when Jordan first met her, a petite size that belied her lively and outgoing nature. Despite her small stature, Bean’s personality is anything but diminutive. She is exceptionally friendly and outgoing, never hesitating to greet new people with a wagging tail. Her welcoming demeanor and fearless approach to meeting strangers underscore her charm, making her a beloved companion. Bean’s story is even more heartwarming knowing that all her puppies also found their forever homes.


Bean’s communication style is uniquely charming; she uses distinct “grumbles” to express her needs and feelings to her humans. Jordan and her husband have learned to interpret these sounds, recognizing the subtle differences that indicate whether Bean wants to go for a walk, needs some attention, or just seeks reassurance.

While Bean may not be the cuddliest pet, her connection with her owners is profound. Their bond is so noticeable that someone once remarked they had never seen a dog and owner resemble each other so closely, a comment Jordan cherishes as a compliment. Demonstrating her affection in her own special way, Bean is always there to warmly greet her owners as they come home. She pops her head around the corner at the top of the stairs, delivering a welcoming “hello grumble” that melts their hearts every time.


Bean also has a special connection with Jordan’s husband, who is a sucker for giving her pets and attention. Jordan admits that while dogs get separation anxiety, she feels she’s the one to experience this when she’s away from Bean for too long. Bean has become an extension of Jordan, and going anywhere without her feels strange and incomplete.

As a photographer, Jordan has found her favorite subject in Bean. The adorable miniature Husky mix has not only found the perfect forever home but has also become an integral part of her parents’ lives, bringing them love, joy, and laughter on a daily basis.

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