Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Can Now Post Instagram Stories For You: Here’s How

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The smart glasses got AI features and now can post Stories on Insta too.

Meta’s smart glasses have got AI features recently but the goodies don’t end there for the people who can buy the gadget.

Meta Ray-Ban Smart glasses have been getting new features over the past few months. One of the highlights is that these smart glasses can now post stories directly on Instagram without using the phone. This feature will allow users to share the images that are taken with their Ray-Ban sunglasses on their Instagram stories. Meta has revealed several updates for their Ray-Ban glasses, which include support for Amazon Music and the meditation app Calm.

Users can post the pictures taken with their Ray-Ban glasses by prompting them before or after the pictures are clicked. Once the picture is taken, users can simply say ‘Hey Meta, share my last photo to Instagram’ or something like ‘post a photo to Instagram’ before clicking a new picture. Another way of posting the picture taken by Ray-Ban Glasses is through the Meta View app.

In order to do so, users can just open the app, then go to the gallery section and select the pictures that they want to share on Instagram, Instagram Story, Whatsapp, Facebook Story, and Facebook Post. However, it is important to note that users will have to connect their Instagram account to the Meta app to share images on Instagram.

The Instagram profile that is connected to the Meta View app will always be the one that is opened on the user’s mobile phone. If someone is switching between different profiles on their mobile phones, then it might just lose the connection between Meta View and Instagram.

Apart from that, Meta has also collaborated with the meditation app Calm to engage in guided meditation while they are moving and access mindfulness exercises on the glasses.

The Calm app will be giving a free three-month subscription to Ray-Ban buyers to engage in meditation.The glasses are also equipped with the ability to stream Amazon Music as well. By just saying, ‘Hey Meta, play Amazon Music’, the glasses will play a recommended playlist curated for users. Users can change the volume and tracks with their voice or touch. Earlier, Ray-Ban Glasses had Spotify, and they have recently added Apple Music as well.

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