Google Says You Can Now Share Passwords With Other Family Members: What Is It And How It Works

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Google password manager is getting this useful feature on Chrome

Google password manager is the free-to-use one-stop hub to store all your passwords so that you don’t forget and lose access to important accounts.

Google password manager is a reliable way to keep all your digital accounts secure without having to remember all their passwords. The app creates a special alpha-numeric password that is stored on the account behind encryption. It is free and available to anyone with a Google account, and now the passwords can be shared with other members of your family. Google had talked about the feature earlier this year and now is rolling out to users, as long as they have set up a Family group.

Google Shared Passwords With Family: How It Works

The new feature is available when you update the Google Play Services to version 24.20 that is rolling out this week. It goes without saying that Google’s password manager works through the Chrome browser that is available on mobile, desktop and Macs as well. But the sharing password feature will only work if you have set up a Family Group and only those members will be able to access the personal details for your accounts when you share the passwords with these members.

Now, when you go over to the password manager section in Chrome and click on any of the existing saved accounts, Google will show you a ‘Share copy of your password’ pop-up box, which can be used by the family member to fill in the details from their Password manager. Using the password, these members can sign into any app or service that you already have access to because of having an account.

Google assures that sharing the passwords doesn’t leave you exposed as the whole mechanism is built with top security in mind. You can check for the latest Play Services update on the Play Store app for your Android phone and see if the sharing password feature is available if you set up a family group.

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