Google Has A Major Search Problem That Is Getting Worse For Everyone: What It Means

Last Updated: January 20, 2024, 16:00 IST

Google search results are a facing a spam issue and AI is not going to make it easy

Google and other popular search engines have to battle the spam menace and other issues that could ruin search for everyone.

Search results on Google and other platforms have become useless and most people are not getting what they seek from these search engines. Well, that’s what a new report says about the state of the search engines and how they seem to have been polluted with tons of data that is becoming hard to analyse thanks to the SEO spams.

The details of the study done by various institutes paints a worrying picture and the current level of search results, be it for product reviews or general queries that millions raise on these platforms daily. The study has looked at Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo for over 12 months and tested it through searching more than 7,000 product queries and seeing the results they get from them.

One of the main topics for this study was product reviews, which seems to have been crowded out by affiliate marketing which involves pushing a brand or product above the organic content. It was also highlighted that ranking algos for websites has been lacking or not working effectively which could have helped with tackling the spam menace.

The concerns are definitely there for proliferation and reach of such content and the incoming AI-generated content likely to share some of the space with these results in search. With the AI takeover looming large in the SEO arena, Google and other search engines will have to pull up their socks and reinvent the ranking algos to avoid the possible bloodbath that is expected in the near future.

The study is making it clear that results will likely get worse but it’s not all doom and gloom, only if these companies rise to the occasion and give a fitting reply to these spam threats.

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