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Freddie Mercury and Queen top The Beatles with incredible new record | Films | Entertainment

The Beatles may be the best-selling band of all time, but second place goes to Queen, who have just beaten the Fab Four with a new record.

Last week the newly remastered 1981 concert movie Queen Rock Montreal hit over 400 IMAX cinemas around the world from January 18-21.

Having garnered an estimated $4.1 million, Freddie Mercury and the band now have the biggest IMAX exclusive event opening ever.

That total was made up of $2 million from US screening and $2.1 million internationally.

This new record surpasses both The Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense and Beatles Get Back: The Rooftop Concert.

Rich Gelfond, CEO of IMAX said: “Experiencing Queen Rock Montreal in IMAX is like stepping into a time machine — it’s an opportunity to see the band perform their most iconic hits in a visceral, immediate way I thought was no longer possible.

“The way this film was shot and now restored and presented in IMAX is truly awe-inspiring, and second only to being there in the house back in ’81.”

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