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Feeling Bloated After Having Meals? Follow These Steps To Ease Digestion And Treat Bloating

Indulging in regular exercise can help reduce bloating.

Having heavier meals can often lead to bloating, thus leaving you with a feeling of discomfort.

Feeling stuffed and having a bloated stomach is a very common problem that people face after finishing their meals. While there are a variety of reasons behind it, mostly due to overeating or not chewing properly, choosing soda over water, and also the practice of lying down immediately after eating, following a few solutions can help aid the condition. Some of the common signs of bloating are that the tummy feels full or bigger than usual, having sudden pain or discomfort, or farting more than usual. It is a very uncomfortable thing to feel full and tight after having meals, which is very unwanted. If you are also facing a similar condition, given here are a few tips that can cut down on the issue of bloating.

Tips to reduce bloating after meals

  1. The first and foremost thing that should be practiced is avoiding having heavy meals at one go. Instead, one should consume smaller quantities of food more frequently. This will help keep the gut health efficient with easy digestion and lesser bloating.
  2. Those having problems with digestion and facing visible signs of bloating can prefer consuming ginger tea, fennel seeds, or cumin tea a little while after their meals. This helps to reduce bloating and also aids in digestion.
  3. Consuming carbonated beverages during or after meals raises stomach burn levels which leads to bloating. However, one should instead consume a considerable amount of water to speed up the digestion process.
  4. Improper chewing can often lead to indigestion which causes bloating among people. Also, the practice of watching television during meals leads to higher chances of improper chewing. Therefore, it is suggested that one should chew properly and take adequate time to help the food digest properly.
  5. Besides following all the necessary steps, one should also indulge in regular exercises or go on walks as it is the most practical way of easing digestion in the body. This not only pushes the food faster toward digestion but can also help reduce bloating.

According to the National Health Service, there are also a few other do’s and don’ts like eating foods high in fibre if constipated and massaging the stomach from right to left to release trapped wind. Further, one should avoid eating lots of foods that are known to cause gas, like cabbage, beans, or lentils, avoid eating meals late at night, and avoid eating a lot of processed, sugary, spicy, or fatty foods.

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