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Can Diabetics Consume Alcohol? Expert Answers

Alcohol cannot control blood sugar in your body, contrary to popular belief.

Dr Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, an Internal Medicine Specialist at the Fortis Hospital, Greater Noida, a diabetic should avoid drinking alcohol altogether.

Alcohol, a ubiquitous presence at social events, is a subject of concern for individuals grappling with conditions like diabetes. Dr Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, an Internal Medicine Specialist at Fortis Hospital, Greater Noida, dispels the notion that alcohol can control blood sugar levels. On the contrary, he strongly advises diabetics to abstain from alcohol due to its potentially harmful effects.

The primary impact of alcohol on blood sugar is characterised by abrupt spikes and subsequent drops. Consuming alcohol leads to a sudden surge in blood sugar levels for diabetics. However, when the alcohol’s influence diminishes, blood sugar plummets rapidly, inducing a state of hypoglycemia – a perilous condition marked by dangerously low blood sugar levels. The erratic fluctuations in blood sugar pose severe risks to the individual’s health.

Dr. Tyagi underscores that hypoglycemia results in rapid energy loss, and if left uncontrolled, it may culminate in sudden death. Diabetic patients are strongly advised to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels to avert potential complications.

While diabetics typically contend with elevated blood sugar levels, alcohol-induced hypoglycemia entails a drop well below normal levels. Consistent consultation with healthcare providers is paramount to managing diabetes effectively and avoiding potential complications. Patients are urged to adhere to a regimen of regular exercise, a balanced diet with minimal sugar intake, and timely medication.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial, encompassing regular exercise, balanced sleep patterns with 7 to 8 hours of sleep, and adherence to prescribed medications. The nuanced approach to diabetes management involves a holistic commitment to well-being, vigilance in monitoring blood sugar levels, and prudent lifestyle choices.

The complex interplay between alcohol and diabetes necessitates a cautious approach, emphasising the importance of lifestyle modifications and regular medical consultations for those grappling with this chronic condition.

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