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Aspiring buyers prioritise energy efficiency

Having an energy efficient home is important to 72% of buyers – indicating that it’s increasingly becoming a priority, research from property portal Share to Buy has revealed.

The cost of energy has surged since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, making retaining heat via good insulation more of a priority.

The research also found that 79% reported that the current cost of living crisis has reduced the amount of money they are able to save for a deposit each month, while 65% said that the cost of living crisis is delaying them buying a home.

Nick Lieb, chief operations officer at Share to Buy, said: “It’s no surprise that the current cost of living crisis is impacting people’s property search – from buying timelines to property must-haves, first time buyers are being forced to try and cut costs wherever they can.

“New homes mean modern building regulations, double glazed windows, better insulation and energy-efficient boilers, resulting in more sustainable properties and, ultimately, lower monthly costs for buyers.”

“Based on the results of our survey, affordable homeownership options, such as Shared Ownership, are critical in the current economic climate. By offering both greener homes and lower deposits, shared ownership can fundamentally help first time buyers who are currently priced out of the open market reduce all-important costs and finally step onto the property ladder.”

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