Apple’s Shazam App Can Identify Songs Even When Wearing Headphones: How It Works

Last Updated: January 27, 2024, 12:00 IST

Shazam can now find music from within headphones

Shazam is Apple’s integrated product that helps you identify music just like Google’s now playing feature.

Shazam is Apple’s platform that works like Pixel’s now playing feature and helps you identify songs that are playing on a speaker or even in a TV show. But now Shazam is able to help people with identifying songs while they are plugged into their headphones. The feature is compatible while you wear a Bluetooth or wired headphone which means millions can make use of the new ability.

Apple bought Shazam many years back and since then the functionality has been limited. Extending its support within apps is a definite game changer. For instance, Shazam can discover music from apps like TikTok, Instagram and even YouTube.

The Shazam app update 17.3 brings the feature this week, which basically says, “open the app, check for the headphone icon to confirm your headphones are connected, and then start recognizing music around you or within apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.”

We tried out Shazam after the new update to see if the feature works as pointed out by the company. We opened the music discovery app, then started playing a video on YouTube. Now, head back to Shazam and you will see the results of the song discovery by the app.

The update isn’t about the ability to identify songs from other apps, but the fact that you can be wired in and still use the feature might be a bigger deal than you think. Interestingly, the new feature on Shazam will work no matter which wired or wireless headphones you are using, and not just limited to Apple’s AirPods which is a good thing.

Shazam became Apple’s product when it was bought in December 2017, since then we have noticed Apple gradually integrating the platform into its ecosystem. It makes a lot of sense to make Shazam compatible with headphones as most people rely on this mode while listening to music.

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