10 Best Science Lab Equipment Suppliers for Schools

Setting up a school science lab and maintaining it throughout the year can take a lot of time, effort, and funds. That’s why it’s important to know who offers the best science lab equipment for schools and classrooms. Teachers need sturdy apparatus that can hold up to lots of use, as well as affordable supplies like chemicals and specimens. The science lab equipment suppliers here are trusted names in the business, and many cater directly to schools. You’re sure to find what you need at these sites (and more!).


As you might expect from a site that offers just about everything, Amazon can be a great source for affordable science lab equipment and supplies. When you know exactly what you need, check Amazon for the best prices and shipping times. This is especially convenient if your school has an Amazon account, as it can make purchase orders and other requirements a whole lot easier.

Top science lab picks from Amazon:

Bundle of scientific components used for demonstrating mechanical waves in the classroom
Arbor Scientific

Physics teachers: This is your lab supplier! Arbor specializes in physics and physical science equipment and supplies, including their popular car kits for teaching concepts like acceleration, solar energy, and more. Note that the website can be a little difficult to browse—it works best if you have a specific item in mind from reviewing their catalog first.

Top picks from Arbor Scientific:

Frog dissection kit including specimen, tray, booklet, and tools
Carolina Biological Supply

Don’t let the name fool you: This company offers an incredibly wide array of science lab supplies and equipment for all STEM subjects. This is probably the best site for biological and organic specimens, including living and preserved organisms. But you’ll also find chemistry supplies, lab furniture, physics equipment, and even e-learning resources. Fun fact: Carolina got its start more than 90 years ago, when a college professor made money by selling extra specimens he had collected in the field for his own classroom!

Top picks from Carolina Biological Supply:

Complete kit for teaching chemistry to middle school students, with bakers, chemicals, and other tools
Home Science Tools

Homeschool families are the target audience for Home Science Tools products, with smaller quantities and complete kits geared toward learning at home. Their items cover chemistry, biology, earth science, space, physics, and engineering, with equipment and kits for all ages, pre-K to 12. Frequent shoppers can join their Rewards program, which offers 2% to 6% back every time you shop.

Top picks from Home Science Tools:

Digital balance scale designed for use in the classroom science lab
Fisher Scientific

This science lab equipment powerhouse supplies professional-grade labs, making them a great place to find more specialized chemicals and lab instruments. Start on their Classroom Science Equipment and Instruments page to find items best for schools and students. They also offer helpful tools like a Microscopes Buying Guide and their Headline Discoveries newsletter, with clever tips and lesson ideas for science educators.

Top picks from Fisher Scientific:

Organic Distillation Set against a blue background
Flinn Scientific

For many science teachers, Flinn is their top one-stop shop for equipment, supplies, and even curriculum needs. Their lab safety courses are a perennial favorite, providing top-notch training for students with minimal teacher stress. They also offer everything from dissection supplies, chemicals and other consumables, STEM kits, lab furniture, and beyond. If you can’t find it here, your classroom science lab probably doesn’t need it!

Top picks from Flinn Scientific:

Projectile launcher apparatus clamped to a table
PASCO Scientific

PASCO’s specialty is STEM technology made specifically for classrooms and students. Though they offer a range of lab instruments and supplies, this company is better known for cool products for physics labs like projectile launchers and sensor equipment. PASCO also offers curriculum and textbooks for K-12 students, plus science kits and bundles to make shopping easier.

Top picks from PASCO Scientific:

Four student workstation with a sink and storage space
School Outfitters

This company supplies furnishings for every kind of classroom, including a wide selection for science labs. This is a terrific place to find furniture like lab tables and workstations, along with must-haves like fume hoods, safety equipment, and chemical storage. If you’re setting up a whole new science classroom, start here for school-centered solutions and ideas.

Top picks from School Outfitters:

Forensic hair analysis kit for student and classroom use
School Specialty

Many schools use this company for their various supply needs, and their selection of science equipment covers all the basic subjects. We especially like School Specialty for their Makerspace section, which helps educators stock on up STEAM supplies that inspire kids to create. You can also find supplies made with elementary students in mind, which not all science lab suppliers offer.

Top picks from School Specialty:

Ward’s Science

Macronutrients in food kit for use in inquiry based learning classroom science labs
Ward’s Science

This supplier strives to make things easy for educators by providing helpful resources along with lab supplies. Use their Recommended Materials Center to begin stocking a new lab from scratch, or order custom kits that include everything you need for specific experiments or demos. Beyond that, shop by subject or area to find instruments and equipment, including in cool subjects like forensics and healthcare science.

Top picks from Ward’s Science:

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